Gratitude Experience

Gratitude Experience
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Gratitude cleans out our hearts after a rough season, and it prepares our hearts to receive and release everything God has for us in the year to come. So, if you’re ready to experience fresh hope and joy in this season, join us for our Gratitude Experience! Each session will have a gratitude action step to take the things we’ve learned during The Heart Of A King and practically express gratitude to Jesus and those around us. Some of the prompts may be easier or harder to actually express gratitude, but we encourage you to take a moment each day to express gratitude, whether you feel thankful or not. There’s something about stepping out in faith and expressing gratitude that changes both the atmosphere around you and, even more importantly, the atmosphere within you. Take a moment right now and thank Jesus that you have breath today.
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Gratitude Experience - Introduction

Gratitude Experience - Day 1

Gratitude Experience - Day 2

Gratitude Experience - Day 3

Gratitude Experience - Day 4

Gratitude Experience - Day 5