A Simple Question


This week’s challenge is to ask someone else a meaningful question.


Becca Reynolds, Executive Pastor & Teaching Team


1. Read Proverbs 20:5 together. Take a moment to reflect and realize that every time you come to a Circle and go through questions in this Circle Guide, there is an invitation from the Lord for you to discover something about yourself and about Him.

  • What have you been discovering about yourself and God through Circle?

2. Read John 5:6-9. Jesus asks questions to help us discover something about ourselves and about Him. What are some barriers that keep you from asking questions? What’s one step you plan to take to remove that barrier this week?

3. Read Acts 3:11-12. What question(s) is Jesus asking you? How will you respond?

4. A simple invitation can change someone’s life. What is your invitation story? Who can you invite to Christmas at Valley Creek?


Jesus, thank You for asking us questions that lead to more of a discovery of who You say we are and who You are. We pray for You to give us eyes to see people to ask meaningful questions to. And, Jesus, help us to slow down and listen to them in the same way You listen to us.


  • Take a moment in your Circle to celebrate participation in the Reading Plan together.
  • To learn more about the Young Adult Summer Internship, visit valleycreek.org/youngadults.
  • When you submit attendance for your Circle, please share insight from your conversation around question #1 in the notes section.