Be Still & Know


1. Read Psalms 46:10. When we rest in God, we can find the rest of God. 

  • Describe your experience of being still and knowing that He is God as we practiced our faith for five minutes during service.

2. In the Bible, when people saw God, they fell like dead men to the ground. There were three primary ways they moved in response to seeing God:

  • Immediate repentance and personal holiness
  • Immediate obedience
  • Worship

As we’ve gone through this series, how have you been responding? Where have you had a sense of humility, brokenness, conviction, or hunger and thirst for more of God? How is that changing how you think, act, and live?

3. Read Numbers 6:24-27. When we believe we carry the name of God, and therefore all the realities of God, our lives should be very different. What’s getting in the way of you living a life worthy of His name?

4. When was the last time you took a defined next step? What’s the next one God is inviting you to take?


God, thank You for who You are, and that we get to know You. Holy Spirit, we ask that You stir up within the Valley Creek family personal holiness, a sense of repentance and confession, a desire for obedience, and a desire to worship You with our lives. May we be a people who respond in a way that is worthy of Your goodness. We pray for everyone getting baptized this weekend to stay encouraged and full of faith this week, thank You for resurrection life in Jesus’ name. Amen.


  • All YHWH messages are on ValleyCreek+ as resources to go back and revisit, along with many other resources to help people on their journey with Jesus.