By Design: Missional Move, Shared Leadership, & Developmental Culture


  1. Missional Moves are when you take a next step to create space for someone else to take theirs.
    1. Whether you took this ground by faith or now get to enjoy it, we are all at basecamp together, with the responsibility to steward the future.
    2. Where is the Lord asking you to get involved at a new level of serving, leading, praying, or giving?
  2. Shared Leadershiphappens when people come together and submit their gifts, passions, talents, and abilities to a common vision for an exponential return. We are better together!
    1. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you about shared leadership within our church family?
  3. Developmental Cultureis a culture created where people can grow their gifts, talents, and abilities in a safe place. We are a harbor of hope and a training center for life.
    1. How has the developmental culture of Valley Creek impacted your journey?
    2. Where is God inviting you to engage, encourage, or walk humbly as you embrace our developmental culture?


Hebrews 11:1

It’s by faith that we can choose to live a “by design” life. Where in your life do you see an opportunity to align with the divine design of the kingdom?


Jesus, thank you for a church family that believes in reaching our city and beyond with your hope. May we steward the life and mission you have given us as individuals, submitting to a common vision for an exponential return.