Created For More


1. A Hope Carrier is a disciple of Jesus living on mission to change their world (see page 5 in your Hope Carrier Field Journal). As you read that definition, where do you need to ask God to increase your faith? Do you need more faith to believe you are a disciple, you are on mission everywhere you go, or that you are empowered and called by God, chosen to release His kingdom?

2. You were created and called for so much more. Where has God called you to be a hope carrier? In your Hope Carrier Field Journal, on pages 8-11, read more about the areas of life as you connect your daily living to God’s mission. What are you discovering?

3. Where is God inviting you to engage in weekend church experiences differently in this season?


Romans 10:17 (NKJV)

Using your Hope Carrier Field Journal, read the introduction in Section Four: God’s Word, watch the Matthew commentary video together and discuss what discoveries you are making.


Jesus, help me live as a Hope Carrier on mission with You everywhere I go.


  • Visit for more resources or to share a digital download of the journal with anyone in your Circle who may not have a printed journal.