Creating An Open Heaven


Holy Spirit, we invite you in.


Acts 2:37-39, James 5:16, Matthew 4:17, Luke 3:8

Every week we’ve been asked if we’ve been cut to the heart. Being cut to the heart looks like confessing and repenting before the Lord. We have an invitation to confess and repent in any area where we live a life of duality. We are invited to humble ourselves, hunger for the things of God, and be desperate for Him.


  1. What is the Holy Spirit inviting you to confess and repent? Take time to share that with your trusted Circle so you may be healed and move forward in freedom.
  2. How will you respond to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you?
  3. Where do you need more of the Holy Spirit in your life? What is your next step to cultivating one of these areas in your life?
    1. Joy of the Holy Spirit that is not dependent on worldly circumstances.
    2. Deeper connection and unity with the body of Christ at VCC.
    3. Dreams and visions for your life where Jesus is at the center.
    4. Victory over the oppression of fear.


May we become a group of prophets who pursue personal holiness and choose uncommon unity as we submit and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in our lives through the character and power of the Holy Spirit.