Don’t Forget to Remember (Psalm 103)


  1. We often forget the benefits of God or don’t know them at all. What have you forgotten? What are some benefits of God you know?
  2. As you remember the benefits of God:
    1. What Scripture are you meditating on? How has engaging in the reading plan been going for you?
    2. Who are you connected to at Valley Creek that can remind you of God?
    3. What are you praising God for today?


Romans 10:9-10

When did you declare Jesus is Lord, confessing it and believing it? Share the story of your salvation moment. Or, if you want to take the next step of salvation, tell your leader.


Jesus, help us remember not to forget your benefits. Help us to remember for us and for the next generation.


Baptism class is July 24 and we celebrate baptisms on July 31. Ask everyone in your Circle if they have experienced a full water immersion baptism after professing faith in Jesus.