Easter at Valley Creek


  1. This week, we created an environment for people to experience the resurrected Jesus in their chair. Who did you invite? Did they come? If not, why? If they did, what was their response?
  2. Jesus meets us right where we are every day. What did you bring to your seat in this Circle today?
  3. You were created for the purposes of God. What do you believe about:
    • Where you came from.
    • Why you are here.
    • Where you are going.
  4. The resurrected Jesus came to set you free and offers you rest from your past, rest in the present, and rest for your future. Where do you need the rest of Jesus in your life?


John 3:16-17

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you about the salvation of Jesus in your life?


Thank you Jesus for coming to our chair. We pray for eyes to see, ears to hear, and an open heart to receive the relevance of Easter in our seats everyday.



  • Visit valleycreek.plus to re-watch the Easter message or for more resources to help those in your Circle use the resources available as a next step.
  • Serve the City registration is open; this month we’ll focus on education. Invite your Circle to serve together and sign up here at valleycreek.org/servethecity.
  • Join the Movement is the first Sunday of every month.