Garden City


  1. As a hope carrier, our work is more than our job; it’s part of our created purpose. How does this change your view of work in your daily life?
  2. As you consider the work you do in your family, your job, or at school, do you rule and reign over your work, or is it ruling and reigning over you? How so?
  3. We rule and reign through words and actions. How are your words and actions aligning with the kingdom in every area of your life?


Genesis 1:26, 28 and Ephesians 2:10

By faith, can you believe that your work is worship, it will be rewarded, it builds the Garden City, and it is practice for eternity?

Work has been redefined by Jesus, so we can redefine our work. Take a moment as a Circle and write down a new definition of your “work”, considering all areas of life you influence. What’s one next step you can take to practice your faith in this new way of living out your purpose?


Jesus, we ask that You will awaken our hearts and minds to the redeemed perspective of work as an eternal kingdom calling upon our lives.


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