Garden City Revisited


  1. As a hope carrier living on mission, we need to have an understanding of the mission from a Garden perspective. Where is God inviting you to repent, or increase your faith, in His perspective of mission?
  2. It doesn’t matter what we do for our work (job, home, school, family, etc.), it matters how we do it and who we do it with. How do you remain aware of God in your daily work?
  3. There are three types of people: those who worship self, those who worship work, and those who view work as worship. We can see ourselves in all three types, depending on the conditions and circumstances of our life. What are the conditions or circumstances that cause you to transition from one to the other?


Genesis 1:28 (AMPC) and 1 Corinthians 15:58

God has gifted us the opportunity, responsibility, and privilege of working with Him to bring the gardens He’s placed us in to the fullness of their potential. It’s time for us to break off agreement with darkness and stop buying into the lies of the enemy. 

Where do you need to agree with what God says about your life’s work?


Jesus, we ask that You will awaken our hearts and minds to the redeemed perspective of work as an eternal kingdom calling upon our lives.