God's Blessing

60 Days of Unfamiliar Promises

God’s Blessing


Dave Scriven, Central Next Gen Pastor


1. Read Matthew 6:33. How has your perspective of this promise changed?

2. Read Matthew 6:25-28,31-34. What is it that you are worried about, and which of the four lies of worry do you find yourself believing the most? After identifying those lies, what’s your invitation to trust in God’s promise?

The Four Lies of Worry:
- Something bad is going to happen
- The more I worry, the better my chance of avoiding it
- I can’t help but to worry
- By worrying, I can control the outcome

3. Read John 17:3 and Ephesians 3:17 NLT. How can you choose to make Jesus the center and walk in this promise in every area of your life, whether mundane or extraordinary?


Jesus, thank You for the promise of You. May we take our eyes off of life's worries and focus on You and Your promises.


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  • In your attendance, share your conversation around question #2.