Kingdom Come


  1. The biggest obstacle in seeing God’s kingdom come on earth is when we choose our will over God’s. When did you surrender your will to God? If you haven’t, what would it look like for you to do that?
  2. What are you rich in (time, talent, treasure)? What next step can you take this week to help you move your heart in humility to align your time, talent, and treasure with God’s will?
  3. The kingdom is not cognitively understood, it’s received by faith. Where do you need to surrender the need to understand what can only be discovered by faith?


John 17: 15-18, Mark 8:34-35, and Matthew 4:17 NKJV

What is God stirring in your soul as you are learning to see the kingdom come in your life? What questions are you asking God?


Lord, open the eyes of our hearts to see Your kingdom in our lives. Thank You, Jesus, for demonstrating and declaring what it looks like to live out kingdom realities in earthly circumstances.