Hope Carrier Initiative Rewind: Created For More


  1. As a Circle, grab your phone or mobile device and go to valleycreek.plus. Use this how-to video to add ValleyCreek+ to your phone’s home screen. This is where you can find all the Hope Carrier Initiative messages and lots more resources to help you grow on your journey with Jesus.

  2. Read James 1:22-26. For those of you who have heard this message before (January 2023), how has your life changed? If this was your first time hearing it, how will you apply it to your life?

  3. Read Acts 17:26 and Jeremiah 1:5. You were created and called for so much more. Where has God called you to be a hope carrier? How are you reflecting the kingdom of God with your words and actions in those spaces? If we drew a line and on one end was “good American church” (consumerism) and at the other end was “kingdom come” (meeting with God), which end would you be closer to? How do you know?

  4. Read John 4:28-30, 39, 42. The kingdom within you will become the kingdom around you. To the degree you are surrendered to the lordship of Jesus is the degree to which you can change your world. Where is the Holy Spirit inviting you to submit and surrender to the lordship of Jesus?


Jesus, thank You for bringing us hope. May we live as disciples, as hope carriers, changing our world in Your name!