Is Church Relevant?

NEW Circles

Start with a “get to know you” conversation. Ask everyone to introduce themselves, tell how they got connected at Valley Creek, and share one fun fact about themselves.


  1. Are you planted with the people of God? If yes, share how they’ve helped you move forward with Jesus. If not, what’s your next step?
  2. Which area of devotion is the Holy Spirit inviting you to discover more of:
    1. Devoted to meaningful relationships
    2. Devoted to meaningful ministry
    3. Devoted to meaningful mission


Psalms 92:12-14 and Romans 12:10

What does it mean to you to “be devoted” to one another? What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?


Jesus, help us to be planted with the people of God and move forward with you.


Hebrews 5:8-9

Meditate on this verse and ask the Lord for revelation on it and who you should share your revelation with.


  • Help anyone interested in getting into a Circle by filling out the form
  • Share these back-to-school prayers with your Circle or anyone in your sphere of influence who is starting back this fall season
  • New Reading Plan has launched on ValleyCreek+; invite your Circle to engage it together