Meditation, Part Two

Leaders: Based on this week’s message and the invitation to memorize John 15, is there anything you want to share with your Circle? If so, start with that conversation.


1. Did you work on memorizing Psalm 23 last week? If so, what did you learn about memorization of Scripture? If not, why?

2. Read Joshua 1:8. If you are honest, would you say you want the world’s definition of prosperity and success (fame, fortune, and followers) or the kingdom’s definition (becoming like Jesus and accomplishing God’s purpose for your life)? Why do you want that? How are you arranging your life toward that destination?

3. Read Romans 1:28. Repentance starts where excuses end. Where do you need to take responsibility for the excuses you’ve been making? How is God inviting you to repent on what it means to be held accountable?

4. Read Jeremiah 23:29.

  • What could your life look like if you allowed God to start a fire within you and carry a hammer in your heart?
  • What are the things you are afraid may get burned up, purified, smashed, and rebuilt?


Meditate on Psalm 23 this week. You can download digital resources on ValleyCreek+.


Pray for our church to have the courage to let God set a fire inside of us and carry a hammer in our hearts.


​In your attendance notes, please provide feedback to question #4.