Moving Past Apathy


  1. Three ways to practice the way of Jesus in being on mission: 1) Serve 2) Build 3) Invite. Are you engaged in any of these? Where are you being invited to grow in these areas? 
  2. When making decisions, how do you factor in serving, building, and inviting others? 
  3. Share how being on mission has refreshed you and kept your passion alive for what Jesus has done in your life? 


Matthew 28:18-20 and Genesis 1:28 

Do you consider these Scriptures your purpose? Why or why not? 


Jesus, reignite passion in our hearts for being on mission with you. May we have humble and repentant hearts to point our feet in the direction we want our hearts to go.

Additional Scripture


Invite your Circle to join the mission of serving 1,000 families in our city with Thanksgiving groceries!