Open The Door


  1. What did God show you through reading and thinking about the different translations of Matthew 11:28-30?

  2. What did you discover as you reflected on your notes? (Examples: areas where you’ve seen growth, things you may have forgotten about, something God highlighted that you haven’t implemented yet).

    If you are newer to Valley Creek and didn’t have notes to look back on, what did you discover as you reflected on who you are becoming and who you want to become?

  3. Share your summary statement of this season that you wrote down during our reflection time.

  4. Read Revelation 3:20. What door(s) is God knocking on and inviting you to let Him in?


Which of these prayers do you need to pray for yourself this week?

  • Jesus, help me to be open to a different way.
  • Jesus, give me a desire to be Your disciple.
  • Jesus, help me have the intent to change.
  • Jesus, help me be open to Your changing grace.

​As you wrap up Circle, take time to individually pray your prayer out loud, then have someone close out the prayer time praying all four over our church family in Jesus’ name.


  • Access resources on living a different way at
  • This week, we start a new book of the Bible in our reading plan. Encourage your Circle to jump in!
  • Take attendance and add feedback on question #2 in the “notes” section, then send to “leadership only.”