Practicing Unity


Value: We pursue unity with everything we have.

Our anointing is found in our unity.


  1. Taking time to respond to God and practice the values of the kingdom is part of who we are as a church. What did you experience through the response?
  2. There are four areas in our life where God invites us to pursue unity with everything we have. What does it look like in your life to:
    1. honor your parents, your family, or the people within your household?
    2. pursue unity in marriage or relationships?
    3. submit and surrender to leaders in your life when you agree and when you don’t?
    4. show gentleness and patience to others as the church?
  3. Where is God inviting you to die to yourself, surrender preferences and opinions, release offenses, and extend forgiveness?


1 Corinthians 12:27

Jesus took all of our sins so that we could live free. As the body of Jesus, we are called to live in unity with God and one another so that the world will know the love of God. We each get to do our part in pursuing unity so that the whole body is healthy. 

So, how are you doing with your part? What is the Holy Spirit saying to you?


Thank you, Jesus, for pursuing unity with everything you have so we can live free as beloved sons and daughters. May we choose to follow you, pursue unity in our hearts and our minds, and demonstrate kingdom culture wherever we go.