Receive His Grace


  1. Share a time when you went from knowing about grace to receiving grace.
  2. Where are you looking for identity from the world when you’ve already been given your identity in God (people, job, possessions, achievements, looks)? How can you begin to live as a beloved son or daughter versus a spiritual orphan?
  3. How do you respond when you’re confronted, convicted, or challenged with truth?


Romans 5:19

Spend some time this week asking God if you’ve received His grace and righteousness. Ask Him which areas of your life need to receive more of His grace.


Jesus, teach us how to live free as beloved sons and daughters.

Follow the Cloud Resource Reminders

  • Leaders: Baptism may be the next step for someone in your Circle. We will celebrate baptisms on March 6. Registration for the class on February 27 is found at
  • If you’re following along in Follow the Cloud, read chapters 4 - 6 this week.