Scripture, Part One


  1. The Bible is God’s voice; it’s not a book. How does this change your perspective of engaging God’s Word?

  2. Read Psalms 119:160. God’s Word shows us three things:
    1. What is true in a world full of lies. Read Matthew 7:24-27. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you about your source of truth? What are some lies you’ve believed that have influenced your daily life?
    2. What is possible in a world of impossibilities. Read Isaiah 55:8-9. In what areas of life have you resisted dreaming with God? Why do you think you’ve been resisting?
    3. God's heart in a world without heart. Read Matthew 12:34-35 and Jeremiah 15:16. God’s heart is good, so His Word can only be good. What is your heart hungry for?

  3. Read Matthew 4:4. God’s Word is simply God speaking. His Word creates (Genesis 1:3-4 NLT), sustains (Hebrews 1:3), and redeems (Revelation 19:11,15) all things. How do you see Him creating, sustaining, and redeeming your life?


Engage with the Valley Creek Reading plan 5 times this week. You can find the Reading Plan on How will you implement this plan?


God, please give us a hunger for Your Word. May we be a people who can say, “It is written,” in Jesus’ name.


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