Selah Experience (March 17)


  1. Read John 15:1-17. What is God showing you through His Word?

  2. Every campus pastor shared what God is teaching them about living a different way. What did the Holy Spirit say to you during this message?

  3. What is God teaching you about living a different way? (Your personal summary statement may be a good starting point.)


As a Circle, take time to pray the verse that stood out to you in John 15, or as you feel led.


  • All messages from A Different Way are on ValleyCreek+
  • Serve the City is this Saturday, March 23. If you’d like to invite your Circle or anyone to take a next step into serving, they can register at
  • Baptisms are coming up on April 7. If anyone in your Circle is ready for this next step, they can register for a class at
  • Take attendance and add feedback on question #2 in the “notes” section, then send to “Leadership Only.”