Songs of Sacrifice Experience


  1. We are passionate about the presence of God; we are a worshiping church.
    1. What did you experience as we responded to God together?
    2. How do you live out what it means to be a “worshiping church” in your everyday life?
  2. Read 2 Samuel 24:24.
    1. What is God showing you through "Songs of Sacrifice"?
    2. What is God inviting you to offer as a sacrifice (pride, preferences, praise, next steps, finances, time, etc.)? Are you willing to?
  3. How have you been experiencing the awe and wonder of God this week?


Thank You, God, for these songs of sacrifice. May they be pleasing to You and may they help advance people on their journey with You. 


Encourage your Circle to download "Songs of Sacrifice" on their favorite music streaming service or on ValleyCreek+.

Our Kids worship album, "Your Word" is also available! Listen on your favorite music streaming service or on ValleyCreek+.

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  • ​Interest Gathering: Sunday, September 24 at 12:45pm at the Flower Mound Campus (for parents and prospective students)
  • Preview Day: Tuesday, October 3 from 8:30am-1:30pm at the Flower Mound Campus (for prospective students)