The Normal Christian Life


  1. Share some hope carrier stories! As you go about your day-to-day life, how are you bringing the kingdom with you, or where are you recognizing the kingdom around you? (Refer to your Hope Carrier Field Journal for hope carrier ideas you can implement!)
  2. Obeying what is in front of us is how we get to access what is beyond us. Sometimes, we want God to move while He’s waiting for us to obey. Where is God inviting you to, by faith, choose His will over your own?
  3. The kingdom is the will of God and His righteousness is His goodness (Matthew 6:33). When we choose to not surrender, it’s actually because we’re not believing that God is good to us. Where are you struggling to believe that God is good to you? What would it look like for you to surrender your will for His?


Matthew 10:7-8 and Acts 3:11-12,16

In Jesus, the normal Christian life is to receive and release the power and godliness of the kingdom. Instead of being surprised when we see it, we should be surprised when we don’t.

In your own daily life, what surprises you about how you think, talk, act, or live? What is the Holy Spirit saying to you about practicing your faith through a surrendered will this week?


Jesus, help us believe in Your goodness for us. May we choose Your will over ours so that Your kingdom will come.


  • Encourage your Circle to share their key verse from Matthew, their discoveries, and what the Holy Spirit is teaching them using their Hope Carrier Field Journal.
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