The Song of Your Heart (Psalm 1)


  1. As we launch into the summer season how will you rest and have fun?
  2. We were made to meditate and are transformed by the renewing of our mind. What thoughts or worldly meditations do you need to trade in for God’s truth through the Psalms?
  3. Where you go and what you turn to in dry seasons reveals where you believe life is found. So, where have you been going when life gets tough? Share your struggles if you’ve been searching for life in the world or share what you are learning as you are finding life in Jesus.


Choose a Psalm from the reading plan and read it together.

Which verse is the Holy Spirit inviting you to meditate on? What has God been revealing as you engage in the Psalms?


Jesus thank you for the Psalms; for giving us an account of the pain, prayers, and praises of followers before us. We ask for a desire and ability to meditate on your word daily. We ask for a new song to sing back to you as we follow you.