Those Who Dream


Dreaming with God is looking with the eyes of your heart at what God is doing, what God can do, and what God wants to do, and then aligning your life with it.

  1. Read Mark 8:35-36
    • How are you dreaming with God about who you are becoming and who you want to become?
    • Who or what is at the center of your dreams today? What are your life’s “trophies”?

  2. Wishing is: I see it and want it. Dreaming with God is: I see it and I will work hard with God to make it happen. You’ll dream to the level you’re free. Where do you need to receive freedom so you can dream with God? (Psalms 126:1)

  3. Read Psalms 105:19. Satan tempts us to break us. God tests us to strengthen us. As you reflect on your dreams, are you being tempted or tested? What are you learning through the testing of your character?

  4. Students & Young Adults: As you dream with God, what is your plan to seek first His kingdom, and to live out Matthew 6:33 in your life?


Jesus, activate and awaken our hearts to dreaming with You.


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