We Are A Family On Mission


Value: We are a family on mission.

We are beloved sons and daughters releasing our Father’s kingdom.


1. Which of these lists accurately reflects your life? Share an example of how it plays out in your day-to-day living. What’s one next step you can take to move toward living as a beloved son or daughter?

2. We experience church in three ways, each building upon the next: a Harbor of Hope, a Training Center for Life, or a Family on Mission. Which of these is your perspective of the church? What would it look like to experience church from the next perspective? 

3. Where is God inviting you to repent (change your thinking) about family and mission?


The five characteristics listed below are evident in healthy families. Do your home life and how you engage with the Valley Creek family resemble this culture? In which of these areas is God inviting you to grow?

  1. Submitted to the Lordship of Jesus (Joshua 24:15, Luke 8:21 NLT)
  2. Engaged in Loving Relationships (Hebrews 13:1 NLT)
  3. Sacrificially Serving One Another (1 Corinthians 12:7 NLT)
  4. Costly Commitment to Each Other (1 John 3:16 NLT)
  5. A Sense of Purpose (3 John 4)


Jesus, thank you for being a son so that we could come home. Lord, help us become part of your answered prayer that we may live as a family on mission, releasing your kingdom.