We Are Jesus-Focused, Spirit-Filled, Life-Giving


Value: We are Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled, Life-giving

We’re more focused on what Jesus has done for us than what we have to do for Him.

We walk in the character and power of Jesus.

We’re on mission to receive and release the life of Jesus wherever we go. 


  1. Culture isn’t what we declare it to be but what others experience it to be. How would others describe the culture of your home, your business, your school, your life?
  2. What helps or hinders you from living fully focused on Jesus?
  3. What is interrupted or disrupted as you examine the values of your heart and the culture of your life?


When we focus on Jesus (John 14:6), we walk by the Spirit (Acts 2:17-18), and experience Life (John 11:25).

The three circles represent the core values of the Kingdom of God. What is the Holy Spirit saying to you about these values?


Lord, help me be Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled, and Life-giving.