We Are Quick to Repent, Part Three


Value: We are quick to repent.

We want to think like God.


  1. Every weekend, a lot of preparation goes into the experiences we enjoy. This weekend, God had an interruption for us. What did this interruption make you grateful for? 
  2. Where is God inviting you to align your life with His ways?


ā€‹Psalms 51:17 (NKJV)ā€‹

We said that one of the things we wanted this series to do was to interrupt your life. So far, how has your heart, your mind, your life been disrupted? Where is your spirit longing for the Lordship of Jesus?


Take specific time to pray for our church. Pray that we would lead the way in having a heart for following the values of His Kingdom, and our church would be set apart as hope carriers.