What Is A Disciple Again?


Start with a “get to know you” conversation. Ask everyone to introduce themselves, share how they got connected at Valley Creek, and one fun fact about themselves.


1. Read Luke 6:40 and Mark 8:34-35. A disciple is a student, a learner, a follower; one who becomes like the one they follow. To be a disciple of Jesus, we have to count the cost. What are some ways He’s inviting you to die to yourself and follow Him?

2. Read John 1:38-39. If being a disciple of Jesus isn’t something you are interested in today, what is it that you want from God? Read Haggai 1:5-7 and John 14:6. Jesus invites us to follow Him, to live a different way, as a new creation in Christ. As you consider your daily life, are you more like Peter in Matthew 4:19-20, who immediately follows Jesus? Or more like the rich young ruler in Mark 10:21-22? How do you know?

3. Which of The Three Circles is God inviting you to lean into as you learn to walk a different way?

4. Read Matthew 4:19, John 8:31, and John 13:34-35. Obedience and love are both the intent and result of being a disciple of Jesus. 

  • What step of obedience is God inviting you to take this week?
  • Love is God’s good will toward you. Where is God inviting you to receive His love in your life?


Pray together: Jesus, give me a desire to be Your disciple.