Rest and Repentance

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Verse 1: 

I was blind but now I see 

This grace revealed to me

That heals and makes me whole

To set apart my soul

Verse 2:

When my mind finds unbelief

Replace my doubt with peace

In truth that sets me free

And sets my heart at ease


In rest and repentance I find salvation

In Jesus who's more than enough

Here in Your Presence come change my perspective

Jesus You're more than enough

Jesus You're more than enough

Verse 3 

In compassion and in love 

You saw me in the dust 

Now blameless I arise For as 

You are am I

Bridge 1:

If repentance means salvation 

I'm all in 

If repentance means redemption

Count me in 

If repentance means forgiveness

I'm all in

If repentance means true freedom

Count me in

Bridge 2:

I'll let it all go

Let it all go now