Rest + Repentance

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Jesus, You're more than enough! In rest and repentance, we find salvation. "Rest And Repentance", a song from Valley Creek Worship, is out now on your favorite streaming platform!

I was blind, but now I see

This grace revealed to me

That heals and makes me whole

To set apart my soul

When my mind finds unbelief

Replace my doubt with peace

In truth that sets me free

And sets my heart at ease

In rest and repentance, I find salvation

In Jesus, who's more than enough

Here in Your presence, come change my perspective

Jesus, You're more than enough

Jesus, You're more than enough

In compassion and in love

You saw me in the dust

Now blameless, I arise

For as You are am I

If repentance means salvation

I'm all in

If repentance means redemption

Count me in

If repentance means forgiveness

I'm all in

If repentance means true freedom

Count me in

I'll let it all go

Let it all go now