Experience His Presence


  1. You can be as close to God as you want to be. Describe a time when you’ve felt close to God.
  2. We tend to segment areas of our life, while God wants to be integrated into every area. If someone looked at the details of your life, what would they discover about your walk with God? (Social media, entertainment, credit card, work, school…) 


Exodus 33:18-19

What do you believe about God’s goodness?


God, will you give us a desire and awareness of your presence. Will you reveal any places where we are hiding and give us boldness and confidence to live in freedom.

Additional Scriptures

Follow The Cloud Resource Reminders

  • If you’re reading along in Follow the Cloud, read chapters 7 - 9 this week.
  • Leaders: A great resource for everyone in your Circle is the Mental Health Experience found on ValleyCreek+.